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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ahoy! The first entry

Welcome aboard!  This is the first official entry of the Steampunk Shipyard, my nautical offshoot of the Steampunk Tribune.  This site will be a bit different from the Steampunk Tribune for a number of reasons...

a) The Steampunk Shipyard will focus things are both Nautical and Steampunk.  A wide variety of sub-topics have emerged on Steampunk, but none have addressed how Steampunk and the sea interact, or at least on a regular basis.  I'm hoping to focus on that specifically with this little offshoot.

b) One of the seminal novels in the Steampunk cannon is Mssr. Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.  I thought it might be useful to consolidate not only what I could find of material related to the novel, but any additional websites and information regarding the crossroads of Steampunk and the sea.  Airships are one of the trademarks of the genre, but there are more than one way to get in the past!

c) "You write what you know", to quote the legendary American author, Mark Twain.  As most who arrive here might know, the Steampunk Tribune has been running for about three years and a half, but prior to my road to the Steampunk genre, I was on active Naval duty for twenty years, specifically on submarines.  As such, I am familiar with a wide variety of topics on both Naval service and submarines, and hope that I'll be able to do my small part to enhance that knowledge base to the general Steampunk enthuiast (as necessary, of course)!

d) Finally, one aspect I've attempted to maintain on the main blog is an attempt at impartiality on the Steampunk Tribune.  I try to choose topics which highlight the endeavors of other in the Steampunk genre, and focus the going-ons about it, in both real and second life.  This blog will be more of an outlet for my own views and opinions, on occasion.

With that monologue done, thanks for stopping by, and I'll be seeing you later!

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