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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Virtual Ports of Call - The Lotus of the Sea (Vernian Sea, New Babbage)

The Lotus of the Sea, in "Full Bloom"

"Tucked away  deep in the Venian Sea Welcome You have entered  The Lotus of Sea. A Magical Build with a character and personality. Preserved and Kept by Breezy Carver   for all to experience , feel , see and enjoy.  Oct 08 2008." - Introduction to the Lotus of the Sea

"Inky" paying a visit to the Lotus!

Second Life, for those who may not be familiar with it, is replete with Steampunk locations, including a good number of Nautical Steampunk destinations.  One of the goals of the Steampunk Shipyard is to visit these "Ports of Call", and highlight their impressive construction.  One of the oldest Steam-esque bodies of water is the Vernian Sea, in the City-State of New Babbage, and in (under?) its, is the gem known as the Lotus of the Sea.

Standing in the tube-ways in the Vernian Sea

First, let me explain a bit about the Vernian Sea.  It is a series of locations connected by an underwater series of tubes (as shown above).  These tubes lead to differing builds, from personal abodes to laboratories.  They are exceptionally well done, but out of all, the Lotus of the Sea is arguably its pearl!

A snippet of the interior of the Lotus

The Lotus could be base-ly described as a flower, albeit one made of steel, and under the water.  Circular in shape, the "petals" open or shut - but when open, one can peer up though the glass enclosure to the sea above - a very picturesque view!

Peering out from the Lotus into the depths of the Vernian...

Thanks to the generosity of my partner Breezy, the Lotus will be the "home base" of the Steampunk Shipyard, so please do feel free to stop by, put your seabag down, and take a break in the Lotus of the Sea!

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