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Friday, July 1, 2011

Breaking news: Antiquity facing a partial closure!

Difficult times have hit the Antiquity sims in SL - it seems that due to financial issues.  As this event continues to develop, with efforts to maintain some of the current sims, and others being put on the open market, the future of the current state of Antiquity and its extensive waterways are in jeopardy, one does have to have concern about the future of nautical combats in SL.  To keep tabs on the developing story of Antiquity restructuring, please visit...

The Antiquity Times story and details
(not as good as the classic Antiquity Times, but alas, that has been shut down... by others... more on that story later)

SL Universe Forums

... and Flickr?


It appears that they have sorted out their issues - looks as if they have consolidated their endeavor, which is now appearntly 15 sims in size.  More details on their effort is located here:

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