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Saturday, July 2, 2011

SL Ports of Call - a new SL pirate blog has arrived!

I looked about and the combination of a lack of a good SL Pirate blog/website and the fallow remants of the Ships of the Line (which wasn't absconded as the Antiquity Gazette was) struck me as a poor situation, so... I went ahead and rebranded the old Ships of the Line blog to the SL Ports of Call.  The new blog will focus on SL Pirate sims, ongoing events, and more SL related items.  I've added a few locations/SLurls that can be easily arrived at, but if one desires to indulge in providing a bit of information regarding the SL Pirate genre, please feel free to contact me at TheSteampunkTribune [at] yahoo [dot] com!

To view the blog - please head towards:

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