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Friday, September 23, 2011

SL Nautical Steampunk: The JD Barracuda Submarine

Main advert for the Barracuda

AS one likely knows from reading the main blog, SL is a significant part of my Steampunk persona.  One of the nicer aspects of virtual Steampunk is indulging in a variety of odd and unique modes of transport.   As I have been eyeing a number of vessels to replace my current submersible, I felt I would start with one designed by one of SL Steampunk more innovative builders, Miss Jenne Dibou, and her signature submersible, the Barracuda!

The Barracuda surfaced... with its signature light

Miss Dibou has many stylish Steampunk builds (including the New Babbage wall, just north of the sims of the Palisades, and Industry).  However, with the psudo-aquatic design of the Barracuda, she pays homage to classic Steampunk ships with a ichthylogical bent. 

One more surfaced view

Though she has an inworld store, those who are intersted in a quick view may want to pay a visit to her SL Marketplace location, where she has additional vehicles and sundries available.  To do so, please turn to...

Taking the mini-submersible for a spin!

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