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Saturday, October 8, 2011

SL Nautical Steampunk: The Anake Nereide Flying Submersible

The next SL Steampunk submersible for review is the Nereide (Sea Nymph), from the classic Steampunk vehicle designer, Miss Carrah Rossini.  Perhaps better know for her ubiquitous Steampunk Dreamline, the Nereide is a excellent compliment to the Dreamliner, with touches of her skilled design still apparent and appreciated long after its original release.

A classic submarine silhouette on the Nereide

As a long time owner of a Nereide, I can easily confirm the quality of this vessel, and its excellent construction.  Its wide open interior not only makes it a excellent travel vehicle, but also a very comfortable abode, if one so chooses to use it as such.   

The piloting section not only holds three seats, 
but has classic analogue gauges for a better "classic" effect!

Although its a bit on the pricey side (~2500 lindens, or just north of 10 USD), its is one of the "top of the line" vessels in Second Life.  However, at the Marketplace site, it currently has 91 reviews, at 4.5 stars (out of 5), with its owners lavishing praise on its design, utility, and overall function.

A luxurious interior amidships... including a televisor!

If you are looking for an excellent purchase for a Steampunk submersible, do consider the Nereide, and to learn more about this well done vessel, please visit the designer's SL marketplace page, at:

It does have a "flying option", but as my "discussions" with the previous mayor of New Babbage reflect,
not everyone concurs (or perceives) the aeronautical version of the ship!

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