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Sunday, October 30, 2011

SL Nautical Steampunk: The Waterbug

Continuing on with Nautical Steampunk items, the Waterbug is a unique and nicely designed work, perfect for any "surfacing / landing" RP adventures or photo shoots one might be involved.  Love the texturing and design of this small, 13 prim gem!

However, it is *not* a driveable work, so to keep this in mind when looking at it!  It is copy/mod, so one could conceivable add appropriate scripting to make it driveable, and at being low-prim, its quite easy to add the necessary items to provide an appropriate appearance.

If this vehicle is perhaps something that might be of use , do pay a visit to Miss Devious Noyse's Marketplace location, at : . There are more photos and stats there... and at 200 L$, its a steal regardless!

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