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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A small virtual piratical change to the Steampunk Shipyard...

As one may have noticed from the change in formatting of the blog, the far sidebar now includes a good number of piratical links, photos, and other assorted images.  Why the change?  Well, the rationale is four-fold.  First, with a reduction in blogging time, I decided to shutter one of my longer standing blogs, SL Ports of Call, which focused exclusively on the SL piratical world.  Didn't feel quite right leaving it hanging with out entries for quite a bit, and decided to merge it with the Steampunk Shipyard, to provide a better focus, as they both have a nautical fiction basis.

Secondly, dare I say one of the more popular Steampunk tropes are "Airship Pirates" (look no further than Abney Park, or many of the existing RL Steampunk groups).  I figured this particular topic deserved its own little corner, as the Steampunk Tribune is more "generalized" apart from shipboard antics (both aero and maritime).

Additionally, there was a second blog I penned back in the day, titled The Steampunk Travelogue, which was of interest for mostly archival purposes regarding existing and past Steampunk locations, but it hit a bit of a wall over time, especially with the chaotic status of the Steamlands in Second Life.  I'll be doing a bit of posting of some newer Steampunk locales that I explore, in conjunction with a smattering of Second Life nautical and piratical locations.

Finally, I'm hoping to make the Shipyard a more exclusive location for Second Life writings.  Although the Steampunk Tribune started as a virtual world guide to Steampunk, it has grown dramatically over the years (five going on six, although there was an earlier iteration of the Tribune in 2006, but that's long gone), the SPT has veered and for the most part remained in the RL Steampunk arena.  The Steampunk Shipyard will be a return to its virtual world roots, with a focus on Second Life Steampunk.  (Although there are budding Steampunk realns on other platforms, I'm afraid I'll be sticking with Second Life, with its plethora of warts and all.  I do hope to add more intriguing work soon, so please do visit!

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