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Thursday, November 22, 2012

The new, and photo-realistic (ish) Popeye, version 1

While surfing a bit, I came across a unique bit of work regarding the classic aforementioned nautical icon, Popeye.  A change from his traditional cartoonish appearance, the very talented Mr. Lee Romao has transformed him into an exceptionally realistic version of just about everyone's favorite sailor.  Aside from the obvious appearance are the small nods, such as 01-17-29 date on his right forearm (the date Popeye first appeared on the daily King Feature comic strip Thimble Theater), the ink of the the "love of his life" on his upper bicep/shoulder (Olive, of course), his classic "I yam what I yam" across his collar bone, and even a nice nautical "Hold Fast" on just below his knuckles!

Even his full body view has a nice 13 button flap dungarees, massive forearms (must have been greasing loads of muzzle hatches (inside Missile Technician joke)) and classic boondockers (yes, the US Navy had its own unique and uncomfortable footwear for years).  Not quite sure if this will lead to anything further than outstanding artwork, but to indulge in Mr. Romao's art, please visit his website, located at: !

Also, a bit more on his Popeye work is located at:

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