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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pirate 101 - an Airship Pirate MMO (for the younger set...)

Whilst I was taking a break from my lack of internet connectivity earlier this week, I happened upon an interesting little game (during a commercial break from Spongebob, the modern day descendant of the classic Chuck Jones works).  Anyways, I saw this odd little MMO, which was directed towards children, but impressed with how it integrated two icons of Steampunk - Pirates and Airships!  Once back online, I headed over after doing a bit of research, and discovered a pleasant little MMO for the younger set, a nice introduction to said Steampunk tropes.  Not quite sure if I would consider trying it (after all, I am a bit out of the age range of 8 to 12), but for those who have hard-studying childern in their lives, this does look to be a nice little diversion, away from the smut-ridden information superhighway (ahem... except for Steampunk blogs, of course)!  

For more information regarding Pirates 101, including a free trial, please visit:

Their main location, at:
Forbes Magazine coverage, at: 
Threat or Menace review:
Pirates 101 Forum:

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