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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Airship Inspiration #1, and a final re-alignment of the blogs...

After a bit of consideration and re-consideration, I've finally settled on how I'll be running the plethora of blogs I'm responsible for editing.  First, the Steampunk Tribune will remain the Steampunk Tribune, with more of a focus on "real-life" Steampunk.  I've had a few comments regarding the merging of RL and SL Steampunk, and though I'll still list an occasional SL Steamland event on the Steampunk Tribune, I've started a new blog dedicated specifically for Second Life Steampunk, titled (not very creatively, I might add), Second Life Steampunk (  This will focus exclusively on the Second Life Steamlands, and include a larger leaning towards stories and role-play Steamland events, though I will also include some works on SL Steampunk items, links to ongoing SL Steampunk stories, and a small bit on writing. The Steampunk Travelogue will continue as it has been, reverting to occasional updates when a new Steampunk sim arrives, or if one departs.  

Where does that leave the Steampunk Shipyard?  Back at its original starting place - all about the intersection of Steampunk, Airships, and Submersibles.  I'll update it as new works comes about, and attempt to add more analysis of Steampunk versus Travel - so do keep posted on future works!

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