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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Seampunk Rope Yarn - Steampunk Military Uniforms, Part 1

The term "ropeyarn", or more appropriatly "rope yarn sunday", has its derrivations from classical nautical experience from the tradition of preparing and fixing one's uniform for use and for inspections (per the US Navy's Origin of Terminology webiste).  However, one of the many unique aspects of nautical life is its uniforms, as is also one of the unique aspects of Steampunk.  As I've seen over the years watching Steampunk, there is an intersting divergence between real service uniforms, cos-play uniforms, and what one might need on a Steampunk airship.  I did wonder about the amount of divergence and utility of attire, so I'll try to touch upon a variety of articles of aero/nautical attire, including dress and work uniforms.

Though I do enjoy seeing ladies in sausy attire, most seem really ill-suited for a shipboard environment (though I'll still post them, of course)!   For starters, I did wish to post some of the betst collections of Steampunk military art I've seen, from Mr. Keith Wormwood, who yes, did the seminal art for Levithian.  Well, I'm off to start on one of my favorites pieces from the old days, and an iconic hat from the US Navy - the white hat (aka, the "dixie cup")!

My hat of "choice" for 20 years (or so), and yes, from the Steampunk era (1886)!

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