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Monday, February 18, 2013

Turning port with the Steampunk Shipyard....

The Sailor Jerry "Rise & Shine" tattoo

As part of my re-focusing of the plethora of blogs I currently pen, I'm taking more nautical bent on the blog... not abandoning Steampunk, mind you, but just a bit more infusion of the sea/aero faring life here.  You'll see small tweaks, such as more "old school" Navy blogs (so if you're a politcallly correct land-lubber, either hold your hanky and cry with your self-rightnessous as you read the blog, or feel free to read the plethora of Jane Austen blogs on the Steampunk Links), so please be ready for a bit more racy (well, for the mid 20th century norms) writing and photos!  I will also repost some of the nautical / aero Steampunk entries from the Steampunk Tribune here (and an occassional "bonus" work), so do check back!  I stand releived!

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