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Friday, January 30, 2015

A return for the new year?...

Well, its been a while since I shut down the Steampunk Tribune back in 2013 - as much as I enjoyed the past six plus years of Steampunk reporting, the Steampunk scene was (and to a certain extent still is) a bit uncivil and over-political in certain areas.  This being said, I figured I'd work back into the genre, if only to appease my own nautical / aero musings.  

I won't be nearly as focused on the overall Steampunk genre, but will hone down to certain areas - Submarines (once my old profession), Airships (one of the icons of Steampunk), Aero-Travel (the reason for airships), and the Nautical Life (again, back to my old profession).  I may introduce certain aspects of Dieselpunk, as airships are a mainstay of that genre as well, but as the title of blog is the "Steampunk" Shipyard, I'll work to staying within genre.

Additionally, I will include more piratical aspects - if one has an airship, one needs a nemesis... and no better nemesis than an opposing airship manned by pirates (imo).  Finally, by including pirates, I will likely have some NSFW images as well - not a common item (lord knows ladies showing off their goodies abounds on the Internet), but if the circumstances merit it, I'll include that as well.

Well, off to continue drinking my "Stormy Mojito" - pleas do take care, check in frequently, and I'll see you at the next port of call!....

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  1. Hi RF,

    I came across your tribune site via its list of Steampunk stores but was said to see the blog closed down! and then I weeded through and found shipyard, and one quick 'radar ping' post from just 1 week ago, Nifty! :)

    I'm coming to you to announce the release of our steampunk aviation leather store- We recently wrote a blog article regarding suggested aviation wear that I thought you might find worth sharing.

    The truth is, we're trying to bolster ourselves THROUGH promoting the steampunk community at large, linking out, sharing content, etc...and I thought a mention of us by you could help add another link in the web. Or, vice versa!!

    Anyway, if you're looking to find something quick to writer about, write about us! If you are looking for a guest post on either shipyard or tribune, ask us and we'll put something together! :)

    twitter: @baronhalfpenny