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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Introducing Baron Halfpenny!

Hola y Bienviedos!  Back from my adventures over the Peruvian Andes (yes, involving aero-cads, enhanced beverages, and sultry ladies), long enough for a quick port call and some "minor" repairs on my little airboat.  As the Rusty Albatross is being patched up, I'd like to pay a quick note to a burgeoning attire endeavor named "Baron Halfpenny"!  

As one works towards constructing an acceptable Steampunk (or Dieselpunk) appearance, accessories are key towards an authentic look.  Once key example are goggles... a perennial challenge, and if done poorly, will cause a bit of wincing by any potential admirers.  However, the Baron's Steampunk goggles (displayed above), have an outstanding appearance, and for the price are certainly a good value.  Additionally, they have RAF Flying Goggles, for a latter day flyer look!

Being a submariner, I do have my own bias towards "brown shoes" on "targets" (yes, aka avaitors), but I must concede they can be stylish... on occasion.  Case in point is the G-1, otherwise known as the "Navy Bomber Jacket".  Not only is sharp, it looks good no matter the circumstance, and is classic Dieselpunk wear.  As I always say, you get what you pay for, and this jacket is most certainly gem!

If you are still on the fence, and just looking for the moment, might I suggest subscribing to Baron Halfpenny's blog?  During my tenure at the Steampunk Tribune, I saw many a company blog, and alas, many were of... varying quality.  However, I've been impressed with the Baron's blog regarding Steampunk, and its quite a good source of Steampunk enlightenment.  Additionally, one can keep tabs via their Facebook location.  Well, its back to work, so I'll have to put down the leaded coffee I "found" in Bogata, and get back to honing the ballast tanks!  Please take care, and until later!

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