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Friday, March 27, 2015

Navy Drinks: Rum, Part I

As far as nautical drinks are concerned, rum may perhaps be one of the most associated beverages with sea duty.  Alas, American Naval ships don't provide any grog, but many other Navies do provide an opportunity to indulge in a small swig!  Found a very nice starter article on Gizmoto about rums, along with a bit of history with its relation to sea service, so for now, please do indulge!  (as I do with the above Kraken (my personal favorite), and Pussers (for my Painkillers)!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Augmented Reality and Dr. Grordbort's fantastic Steampunk weaponry!

Came across this nifty little article on IO9 about augmented reality video games, and was quite surprised to see a game version of Dr. Grordbort's weapons used in a first-person shooter.  While its not really a video game, it is a nice hope for the emergence of a new horizon of action and fun... one can only hope!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Finally back on board!

After a bit of consternation and consideration, I decided to return back to blogging about Steampunk.  However... this time around will have a bit more of a focus than previously.   The first blog, the Steampunk Tribune, was a labor of love that I indulged in for about six and a half years, until I reached my limit regarding the direction of parts of the Steampunk genre.  Aside from what appeared to be a "forced-fed" political correctness being exposed by a minor ity regarding how some felt the genre "should be", it was also becoming a bit staid for myself.  Starting in '07 with my Second Life experiences, I diverged into a good amount of Real Life (RL) experiences.  I supposed I needed a breather... thus the reason I shuttered the blog.

Anyways, I'll be working here, with a focus on the intersection of Steampunk & Nautical / Aero existence.  It is a bit painful to see some of the basics of shipboard life poorly translated to the Steampunk genre, so I'll do my small part to rectify that - until later!