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Friday, March 20, 2015

Finally back on board!

After a bit of consternation and consideration, I decided to return back to blogging about Steampunk.  However... this time around will have a bit more of a focus than previously.   The first blog, the Steampunk Tribune, was a labor of love that I indulged in for about six and a half years, until I reached my limit regarding the direction of parts of the Steampunk genre.  Aside from what appeared to be a "forced-fed" political correctness being exposed by a minor ity regarding how some felt the genre "should be", it was also becoming a bit staid for myself.  Starting in '07 with my Second Life experiences, I diverged into a good amount of Real Life (RL) experiences.  I supposed I needed a breather... thus the reason I shuttered the blog.

Anyways, I'll be working here, with a focus on the intersection of Steampunk & Nautical / Aero existence.  It is a bit painful to see some of the basics of shipboard life poorly translated to the Steampunk genre, so I'll do my small part to rectify that - until later!

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